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June 01, 2008


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I've just bought my first "Winnie" books for my little'un... at only 3 weeks till the due date, the excitement is reaching monumental proportions! :)))


Pepsoid, too funny! Your comment just made me realize that I have a niece that loves bears also ... And right now I'm trying to figure out how mature she is. I don't want her running off into the woods and finding danger! Chances are that any bear she runs into won't be as zen as Winnie!


Wonderful! :-)

Do you think if I “expect” it hard enough, I might see bears here in the good old U of K? Actually, hang on, wait a minute, what’s that sitting on the shelf above the *baby-pending* cot…??!

Oh, it’s just a “Pooh” by the name of Winnie… ;-)


Durano, I'm glad your brought up the safety issue! You're correct ... bears, perhaps more than any other wild animal here in the States, provide a real safety concern. But I've seen stuffed and mounted bears (seriously) and I find that appalling. And, truth be told, I'm not much more comfortable seeing animals in zoos. I'm too much of a free spirit I suppose. Anyway, thanks for your comment!

durano lawayan

Hi Brenda,

I'm sure you know bears are furry and look cute and cuddly, but they are dangerous animals that could tear you apart. They can run fast too despite their size and heft.

Is it a bear in the wild you want to see? The ones in zoos are not the same?

It's funny but I feel the same way about the monkey eating eagle in the Philippines. I've seen a couple in zoos but there is nothing compared to the majesty they possess when they are in their natural habitat, and the terror that they elicit from their prey. It's very difficult to get to their natural environment, but we did so anyway, to satisfy an inner need I cannot fully explain.

In this sense, I can understand your desire to see a bear in your backyard. :-) --Durano, done!

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